An in-depth guide that opens the hood of Learning Design, in a time where there is much need for collaboration, a shift towards online and evidence of design being a driving force for the success and impact of learning experiences.

What’s inside this guide:

  • Learning Design concepts you need to know
  • Good practices to implement and the bad ones to steer clear of
  • Personal stories culled from conversations we’ve had with hundreds of educators
  • Our famously followed (&loved) Learning Design Process

In the case you are contemplating whether or not you want to download this guide, trust us when we say that Learning Design will ensure the learning experiences you create maintain the right balance between designing for positive educational outcomes and meeting the needs and desires of the learners. In short, good Learning Design is what will set you apart.

PS: This is an extensive guide that does not follow the 'one topic per page' format - so we recommend settling down with some “food for thought” 😉 - snacks and drinks!

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